Water Wells

In many countries there is not only poverty, but also extreme water shortage, which is due to the insufficient infrastructure of water pipelines. Shortage of clean water does not only have people tragically dying of thirst, but also causes hygienic problems. As people try to find water elsewhere and in their misery have to consumer dirty or contaminated water, this leads to further illnesses that require medical care.

Therefore, the water wells project gives donors the opportunity to pay the costs for building a well in regions, where people suffer heavily from water shortage. The construction of a water well is a very good investment and an ongoing Ṣadaqa (Ṣadaqa Ǧāriya), which allows for a reward by Allāh as long as people benefit from it. So even beyond ones own lifetime well building can be seen as an ongoing good deed and a source for divine rewards.

The prophets’ companion Saʿd ibn ʿUbāda asked the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), whether he should donate in the name of his late mother and which form of donation would be the best. To which the Prophet (peace be upon him) replied,

„The supply of water.“
(Sunnan an-Nasāʾī)

In another tradition of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), it says,

The most preferable Ṣadaqa is the supply of water.“
(Sunan Abū Dāwūd Musnad Aḥmad)

Several other traditions and statements of previous scholars confirm the excellence of the act of quenching peoples thirst. This was so highly regarded in former times, that people would roam their villages with jugs filled with water, which they would share with the people, hoping for Allāhs divine rewards.