Emergency Aid

It is important that we Muslims do not neglect our fellow believers. It was the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who said:

the believers, in their affection, mercy and empathy for one another are similar to a human body:
If one part of it suffers, the whole body reacts with insomnia and fever!

(Saḥīh Muslim)

Thus the Muslim must not be an egoist and should consider the needs of his fellow believers. When he can provide immediate help, he should act accordingly, and if he cannot, then he should at least think of them and support them with prayers.

If a Muslim discovers that Allāhs mercy was gifted upon his circumstances and his wealth, he should, as an expression of gratitude, donate some (even if little) of it to the needy, in order to fulfill his duties as part of the Islamic community (Umma). Everyone should act according to his capabilities and capacities in the aim of alleviation of suffering of Muslims.

Those who help to reduce any of the hardship placed on their fellow believers will not only be rewarded by Allāh for his donations, but also invests in his own destiny, as the Prophet (peace be upon him) said,

Those help their brothers, will be helped by Allāh. And those how help a Muslim cure his sorrows will receive the help of Allāh on Judgement Day.”
(Saḥīh Buḫārī und Muslim)