Educational support

An important and often neglected method of help is educational support. This support comes in the form of providing means and opportunities for education of people in regions, where there is inadequate access to education. Often a region or country fails in its fight against poverty because of the inability to prepare the upcoming generation for the labor market or the inability to provide access to innovations, which in turn would for instance improve infrastructure.

For these regions and states this results in an ongoing dependency on donations, without anything seeming to change on the overall situation. Therefore, in order to enable an ongoing progress and improvement, education is the best area to engage for generous donors and contributors.

In Islam, the pursuit of knowledge is both a special duty and obligation for any believer, as was passed on by the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This is why every believer has to learn about his religion and its principles, in order to be able to live according to the commandments and prohibitions.

Furthermore did Allāh start the process of revelation with the order „read!“ and appeals to reason of the human at many points throughout the Qurʾān.

To provide education is similar to a water fountain an ongoing Ṣadaqa (Ṣadaqa Ǧāriya), as it not only educates once, but also enables ongoing education by supporting the people, that pass on the acquired knowledge. Thus the investment in eduction keeps giving and flowing, beyond one’s own lifetime.