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Learn more about MusAid e.V. and get to know our team

Since 2018 MusAid e.V. is a registered association


Our history dates back to 2011. Privately funded, we began to dispense relief supplies in various countries. The initial step was made by brother Murat Güven who was already  active in several islamic projects and communities. There, his work was highly appreciated and members trusted him with their share of the „religious slaughter“ wich he carried out himself locally. His travels and efforts were made possible by the active support of a large number of sponsors.

The MusAid e.V. team comprises of three founding members who are accompanied by volunteers on the projects. These volunteers can be interpreters, photographers or people who want to help in transport or in distribution of the donations.


Due to their missions and social projects our founding members are well respected in islamic cummunities and participate voluntary in the support of our aid projects. Contributions of generous donors and the permission of Allāh enable our efforts. We hope to achieve further progress in the fight against poverty and people in need worldwide.


We would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support.

Our team

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Murat Güven

Since 1990 Murat Güven has been active in islamic communities and was repeatedly chairman. His social commitment started with youth and social work institutions leading to his participation in more social aid projects. During this time he got more and more experienced and began, on his own initiative, organised aid projects until founding MusAid e.V. in 2018.

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Mehmet Demirel

Early on Mehmet Demirel became a member of advisory councils and got involved in discourse on integrations. He thereafter focused on Educational aid within his Islamic community and devoted himself to political activism to indicate the need of Islamic education in schools. In 2014 he started his own humanitarian operations in Syria and joined ongoing projects of brother Murat Güven in 2016.

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Yahya Inam

Yahya Inam visited a school in Turkey where he received a religious education, this lead him to work as an Imam at an early stage. After a few years of gaining experience working in a mosque in Turkey he came to Germany to collaborate in implementing education projects within the mosques. He then joined Murat Güven in 2013.